Road to Darkness: Arrogance and Attitude

This topic is very interesting because each one of us is involved in it one way or another and we don’t realize the grave danger it poses to us as individuals and to our societies. It is very common to laugh at someone’s deficiencies such as pronunciation of a word perhaps in a different language, … Continue reading Road to Darkness: Arrogance and Attitude


Difference between Muslims and Islam

Who are Muslims? Muslims are people who follow Islam as their primary and only religion. The word ‘Muslim’ means, submitting your will to the Creator of the heavens and earth. To put this in perspective, Jesus Christ (Prophet Isa (as)) and Noah (Prophet Nuh (as)) were Muslims because they submitted their will to God Almighty, … Continue reading Difference between Muslims and Islam

Thinking of migrating to Australia

After receiving success and overwhelming response on Facebook and LinkedIn for this post, I am re-posting this on my blog with the hope that this will help hundreds more who are looking for answers. You are reading this post because you are interested in migrating to Australia, which comes as no surprise since Australia is … Continue reading Thinking of migrating to Australia